PSP50416 Diploma of Government Investigations

Public Course - Face to Face / Virtual Classroom Learning Pathway

The Diploma of Government Investigations PSP50416 Course provides participants with an advanced ability to analyse, plan and implement complex or technical investigations into breaches of mandatory legislation or regulation.

The main purpose of this course is to build up investigation skills and know more about investigative skills and find out why an investigator need it.Should be concentrated on observation in crime scene, learn some world-class techniques.



Frequently Asked Questions

Which course should I do?

The Certificate IV in Government Investigations is aimed at an operational level. This qualification is the recommended course for operational investigators. The Diploma covers managerial aspects over operational skills. The Certificate IV in Government Investigations is not a prerequisite for the Diploma. Students wanting to enrol in the Diploma who have not completed the Certificate IV in Government Investigations qualification, ideally will have advanced knowledge of operational investigative practices.

Can I RPL the course?

Yes, you can RPL one or all units of competency in a qualification on our scope. You may RPL up to three units of competency whilst being enrolled in a course, without incurring any additional fees. Application for a full RPL of the Diploma of Government Investigations qualification costs $1,705.

What is the RPL process?

After we have received your request for RPL, ICETS will email a pack which is made up of two separate documents. The first document details the competency requirements for every unit in the course package. The second document is the RPL application form. The application form is to be completed by the applicant addressing the requirements detailed in the form including evidence of competency for the unit/s you are applying for. The application form along with all indexed evidence is emailed back to ICETS for evaluation. Payment for an RPL application does not guarantee the application will be successful.

Applicants will have up to three attempts to prove competency.


How long do I have to finish the course?

From the commencement of the course, you have 24 months to complete the Diploma of Government Investigations. Enrolment extensions cost $250 for three months.

Is there a Face to Face or Virtual Classroom program for the Diploma?

No, experience has shown that the volume of work required for the Diploma qualification does not suit an intensive classroom delivery pathway. The Diploma learning pathway is via full distance learning. ICETS recommends students aim to complete one unit of competency per month as a structured way of completing the qualification. To support the distance learning students ICETS have video tutorials for each unit of competency. Students can also schedule an online tutorial with their course facilitator if required.

How many hours does the course take?

According to the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) the combined nominal hours for the units of competency in ICETS Diploma of Government Investigations qualification is 565 hours. However, the nominal hours required to complete the qualification will vary from student to student.

Can I get a discount?

For Individuals: We do not offer discounts on course fees, however, payment plans are available.

For specific organisation training programs: Discounts are offered for programs with 10 or more enrolments in a single transaction.

Are the course fees subsidised?

No unfortunately we don’t have any government funding available as ICETS is a private Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we offer personalised payment plans which require an initial deposit and then a specified amount every month until the course fee is paid in full. The standard monthly fee is $500 with a variety of initial deposit amounts on offer. Note, ICETS will not issue a qualification if course fees are outstanding.

What options are available to pay my course fee?

We have several payment options available to choose from once you have enrolled. Options available are electronic funds transfer, debit or credit card or payment plan. ICETS uses the secure EZYPAY payment portal. Full distance learning students who have not elected to pay their course fee via a payment plan must pay the full course fee before access to courseware will be provided.

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